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Hi, my name is Jo and I just am a 30th lap trophy wife, married a man is far greater than ever in golf or business trip. Boring at times, but the lifestyle is physical fitness, and membership in a wellness center, with my beautiful figure 36-24-36 in order and time to play a little. We have had problems with our recent switch to the TV so my husband had arranged for a company to come and a new antenna and put it all in. The morning came and as usual, I arrived late and only wearing a bra, panties, garters and stockings, when the doorbell rang. I hang a robe and opened the door, the boys and showed them that fishmpegs the sentence was way up the stairs and put on a dress. The phone rang and my sister was complaining about her husband again, I knew it would be a long and pulled up a chair and listened to his latest passion. An hour later, finally hanging up occurred in only two guys to tell me that they were ready. We walked in the front room, andflipped through the channels to show me fishmpegs the ropes. The last channel that was searched a shopping channel, and it was a young girl lingerie models. Of course I loved her and uttered the usual words about your character and what fishmpegs he wore. ' Do you use fishmpegs that sort of thing,' he asked, and I must admit that I did. ' Do you use now,' said one. 'Yes' I replied, embarrassed. ' Let's take a look,' said the other. As a natural show- off, and proud of my body, she took off my suit and put it in my underwear. To be honest, may well have been seen because it was very steep and lace bite and I could see my nipples through the thin top of my bra. The old man approached me and kissed me, his hand caressing my breasts before falling and feeling my way through my underwear. He came behind me and opened my bra, push down on my shoulders before kissing my nipples. Immediately stinging moment when he slipped behind me, cupping my breasts and nipples fondledª caressing my ears. The other man came and started to caress my legs over my stocking tops and then slipped his hand slipped into my panties with your finger at me, before I found my Clitty. God fishmpegs was right and was soon surpassed by orgasam. Kneeling, he pulled down my panties and plunged his tongue into my pussy. The game behind me with my nipples me my underwear up and sliding on my ankle and left, never to be seen again, a trophy, I guess. They took me to the kitchen and lay down on the table and pulled his pants and out of their cocks, I took it in my mouth, while the other has me between the legs and gently fishmpegs sucked Clitty me, I felt his cock in my wet entrance fishmpegs and gasped as he pushed the right moves slowly and deeply. The cock in my mouth as he pulled him away and fuck them mixed up. The second cock were not as great, but it moved quickly and soon he was building to a climax. All gathered in myThe pussy one in my mouth, God, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Let me be there, panting breathlessly as they dressed. 'We are going now,' he said, ' I do not need to worry about the account, we see that. 'What a great way to get their TV tuned!
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